{Guest Post} Five Tips for Great Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome Bags are an essential detail in the wedding planning process and should be carefully considered. For your out-of-town guests, welcome bags are the first reflection of your wedding. It is important to make a great first impression with your guests and provide them some much needed refreshments after their day of travel. Here are five tips for creating great welcome bags:

1. Always include a drink

Your out-of-town guests who are staying at the hotel have traveled long and far for your big day, and they are sure to be thirsty! Include bottled water or iced tea to ensure your guests are well hydrated upon arrival.  They are sure to appreciate a refreshing bottle of water while unpacking and settling in.

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2. Be careful with perishable Items

Fresh fruit or baked goods are great to include in the welcome bags.  However, don’t include these perishable items unless you’re making the welcome bags a day or two before they are to be distributed to your guests. Most couples prepare the welcome bags for their guests at least five days before their guests’ arrival…if you’re in that same boat, packaged products with longer shelf lives are highly recommended.

3. Sweet and salty mix of snacks

Chips and pretzels are wonderful items to include-but make sure to supplement these with an array of sweet snacks as well.  Fruit snacks and cookies are just two great options to help diversify the offerings in the bag.

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4. Consider toiletries

Consider toiletries and other personal items your guests might have forgotten to pack and need for the wedding. Is your wedding outdoors? Include a travel size bottle of sunscreen in your welcome bags. Also, a single-dose pack of Advil or Tylenol is a great item to include which your guests will appreciate. And, for your out-of-town guests who are emotional, include a travel pack of tissues.

5. Schedule, directions, things to do

Keep your out-of-town guests occupied and informed. Out-of-town guests often treat your wedding as their own family mini-vacation, so put some thought into a “things to do” list which will give your guests some good suggestions on places to go and attractions to see while in the city. Make sure to include driving directions to your rehearsal dinner and wedding venues, as well as a schedule of events so that your guests know where they need to be and when throughout the weekend. There is nothing worse than Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane missing the family pictures in your wedding dress because they lost track of time at the mall!

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