{Guest Post} How to Pick The Perfect Photographer

Picking the perfect photographer can be a challenge! But our friends at Two Bright Lights have some tips to make finding the photographer that fits your needs a snap.


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1. Check your favorite blogs to see what photographers they feature

One way photographers spread the word about their business is by submitting weddings they have worked on to blogs and magazines. Then the publications’ editors choose a selection of images to use for their real wedding features. Photographers are always credited, so when you see wedding images you really love, make sure to check out the image credit! Collecting photographers’ names from real wedding features is a great way to start creating a list of photographers to investigate.

2. Take note of the advertisers on your favorite blogs and magazines

During the wedding planning process you will probably come across a few wedding publications that knock your socks off! You love everything they post. Well the photographers who advertise on their site probably share your same style, so check them out.  Blogs and magazines do much of the sorting and vetting for you and their suggested lists often can point you in the right direction.

3. Pick your price point

Once you have a list of photographers you love it is time to consider your budget.  Amazing photography does come at a price, but the images they capture will become keepsakes you can treasure forever. There are terrific photographers at varying ranges of price points.  Most photographers will post their general price ranges on their websites so you can hone in on the right options for you. If you want to get a sense of the cost, SnapKnot posted a great article to help guide you in your search.



4. Do your homework and learn photographers’ styles

After narrowing down your list of photographers that fit your budget, it’s time to sharpen your pencils so to speak.  Spend time on their websites, blogs and social media profiles to get a sense of style and aesthetic. Then it’s time for Google fun.  Blogs that have featured the photographers you are considering will come up in the search so you will be able to see more of their portfolio than may be on their site. The more images you can see of their work, the better sense you get for their style. Pay attention to what images really strike you and if the general feel of their images fits the look you want for your wedding images. Reviews on sites like WeddingWire and the Knot will also come up so you can see what some past clients had to say.

5. Get to know them

After you get to know some photographers’ work, reach out to them to chat! Your wedding photographer will be there for some of the most intimate moments of your wedding day, so you want to make sure you connect on a personal level. Meeting them in person or talking to them on the phone can really give you a sense for their personality and the fit they have with you and your fiance.

Then it’s just about what feels right for you! Once you book a photographer, do spend some time thinking about your goals for your wedding images or favorite moments you want captured. Rock and Roll Bride has a fun post with tips to help in this process.

6. Pay It Forward!

Give your amazing wedding photographer the opportunity to continue to publicize themselves by allowing them to submit your wedding photos to your favorite blogs or magazines.  While being published isn’t for everyone, often brides and grooms love to share their big day.  If you would like to be showcased in a blog or magazine make sure your photographer checks out Two Bright Lights. They make getting your wedding featured in publications so simple!  It is also wonderful to place reviews on sites like WeddingWire and the Knot to help future couples in their selection process.

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