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{Guest Post} Who to Invite to Your Wedding

  Photo credit:  Kristin spencer photography Okay…you set the date and found a place for your wedding. Now it’s time to decide who to invite to your wedding. Is your mom insisting that you invite your cousins twice removed? Is his cousin twice removed sending you texts and tweets that they can’t wait for the...

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Event Professional: Badges, Certificates, Awards, and the Real Story

Be Aware, be very aware……. Have you seen too many award winning DJ’s, audio visual companies, and planners this year? It might not be for the reason you think…. Nothing like a little flair….. One of the most common sites among DJ websites is a number of badges and certifications from all sorts of...

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The Most Retro Wedding Website Invitation We’ve Ever Seen

We’ve seen a lot of weddings and thousands of wedding invitations via our wedding packages website. Many use Eversnap for its features as a premier wedding photo app.   One of our nerdier couples sent us this wedding invitation and we knew we had to share. Click on the image above to see the...