Monthly Archive: April 2013

DIY Fruit Infused Water 3

DIY Fruit Infused Water

  At Wedding Snap, we’re feeling the heat of summer and we know that it’s all about staying hydrated during the crazy hot months. With the temptation of soda and other sugary drinks on the loose, we know it’s tough to resist, but why not just combine two oh so healthy must-haves for the...

7 Ways to Use Mason Jars for Your Wedding 0

7 Ways to Use Mason Jars for Your Wedding

  Happy Monday! Everyone loves mason jars because of how versatile (and affordable) they can be. While mason jars are intended to be meant for canning and preserving food, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative to incorporate them into your wedding. We’ve seen everything from glittered jars to simple jars with just a...

Wedding Snap Wedding of the Week: Stephanie & Ryan 0

Wedding Snap Wedding of the Week: Stephanie & Ryan

Pink elephants and refrigerators are not the typical recipe for love, but they proved to be for Stephanie and Ryan. For today’s Featured Wedding Friday, we are sharing their unique story that turned into one of our most fun weddings to date! For Wednesday’s Photo of the Week, we showed you just a glimpse...

Wedding Wednesday Cocktail Party 0

Wedding Wednesday Cocktail Party

Wedding planning should be a fun experience.  Seeing, tasting, meeting and booking vendors, sitting in a cocktail atmosphere, winning fabulous prizes, receiving swag bags filled with special bridal gifts and genuinely having fun while planning your wedding…that’s what it should be like, right?

5 Fabulous Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas 0

5 Fabulous Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

  Happy Earth Day! Here at Wedding Snap, we’re all for preventing waste and helping protect the environment. Whether you’re already planning a green wedding or are simply looking for a few fun and unique ideas, there are plenty of eco-friendly wedding favors both you and your guests are sure to love.