DIY: Fourth of July Pie Makeovers

Nothing says, “Happy Fourth of July” like an All-American Apple Pie!  This year at your Fourth of July BBQ, treat your friends and family to a classic apple pie- with a twist!  Here are our DIY Fourth of July Pie Makeover ideas - simply add up the ingredients and presto, change-o!  Apple Pie, all dressed up and ready to serve.

The Star-Spangled Berry


Captured via Eversnap

Apple Pie +  Blueberry Sauce + Whipped Cream + Strawberries & Blueberries = The Star-Spangled Berry


The George Washington Walnut


Captured via Eversnap

Apple Pie + Whipped Cream + Candied Walnuts = The George Washington Walnut


The Pie Patriot


Captured via Eversnap

Apple Pie + Vanilla Ice Cream + Red & Blue sprinkles = The Pie Patriot


America a la Mode


Captured via Eversnap

Apple Pie + Caramel Sauce + Vanilla Ice Cream + Roasted Pecans = America a la Mode


Now you know how we’ll be enjoying our apple pie this Fourth of July - and you can too with our DIY Fourth of July Pie Makeovers!


P.S. No one ever said you can’t have ‘wedding pie’ instead of ‘wedding cake’ at your wedding!

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    These look awesome! Apple pie is on my 4th of July menu - the caramel sauce and pecans are genius!

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