Monthly Archive: August 2012

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Introducing: Wedding Snap Filters!

Based on popular demand, we are proud to announce the latest addition to our iPhone app. With this newest version, guests can now choose from 7 different filters including: original, vivid, sepia, vignette, antique, comic, and sketch. 

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Show Off Your Wedding in Real Time: Here’s How

Weddings are all about celebrating with those you love. For friends and family that aren’t able to attend, doesn’t mean they should be excluded from the fun. With the real time slideshow, guests can view photos taken at your wedding from any place that offers wi-fi. 

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Exciting New Updates to Wedding Snap Interface

Updates to Wedding Snap Gallery! We at Wedding Snap have been working hard to make our customers’ experience even better. Now with some newly added features, the Gold and Platinum Wedding Snap packages have the capacity to have multiple albums in one place, meaning that your engagement shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding reception can...

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Evolution of Photo Sharing Platforms

Photo Sharing Platforms are becoming more prevalent with rise in smartphone use. Some of the most popular platforms that are currently being used include: Piscasa, Flickr, and Facebook. Find the right photo sharing platform that fit your needs. 

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Generation Smartphone

Every generation has that “something” that sparks a change and revolutionizes the way we process the world around us. For my grandparents it was the invention of the television. My parents? The transistor radio. As for my generation? This “something” is the smartphone.