Simplify Parenting With Family Photo Sharing

Childhood is something to be cherished.  What proud parents wouldn’t want their friends and family to see the photos from every moment and milestone of this whirlwind time?  Right now, there are many ways that parents can upload and share these memories online.  Most moms and dads use family photo sharing websites such as Shutterfly, Facebook, and Flickr to post photos of their child.  Some even create personal blogs to keep their family up to date.  However, these family photo sharing methods require mass email updates, are difficult to keep private, and don’t allow those close to the child to upload their own pictures for the busy parents to see.


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With Eversnap, parents, friends, and family can view and share pictures in a secure, easy-to-access online album.  Many parents are concerned about strangers seeing photos of their precious bundles of joy when they upload photos to sites like Facebook.  For anyone to access an album on Eversnap, they must receive the album code from the album’s creator.  This way, parents can control who can see pictures of their child.

family photo sharing

Also, when moms and dads use sites like Flickr and Shutterfly or post on their own blogs, their friends and family are not notified when new photos are added.  Because of this, parents must constantly send out mass emails with the website link to inform people of new posts.  Eversnap automatically notifies all album members via phone notifications and email when photos have been added, eliminating this hassle.

family photo sharing

Finally, parents are busy people, and are not always able to capture each special moment.  Eversnap allows all album members to upload photos to the album whenever they choose.  This way, Grandma Sue and Uncle Jim can add their own photos of the child for mom and dad to see.  The photos can then be downloaded and printed by album’s creators and members.  This eradicates the need to share log-in information or email picture files like with other family photo sharing platforms.

family photo sharing

Parents are already overwhelmed as it is.  By using Eversnap for family photo sharing, they can finally begin to relax, knowing that they are capturing each precious memory in a simple, secure album that only those they invite can see.


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