Generation Smartphone

Every generation has that “something” that sparks a change and revolutionizes the way we process the world around us. For my grandparents it was the invention of the television. My parents? The transistor radio. As for my generation? This “something” is the smartphone.

We live our days, unaware of our need for technology. After all, it’s what connects us to the world. Okay, so that sounded a tad bid overdramatic, but in all seriousness, the smartphone has given us a new found freedom, unheard of by past generations.

Gone are the days when we have to stop and ask for directions while bent over our wrinkled up maps, or carry multiple devices to accomplish one task. Nothing is off limits-the world is accessible in one device.

The surge in smartphone popularity has soared over the past few years, and with that rise comes the improvement of some original cell phone features such as the camera.

The quality has improved so much that photo sharing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have become a billion dollar industry. With these platforms in full bloom, children of the digital age are able to capture and upload photos in mere seconds from any location that offers coverage.

This simple yet effective concept of collecting and sharing photos has been spread far and wide over a variety of industries. Even wedding companies like Wedding Snap are exploring this platform type, and are also looking to improve the resolution of current smartphone photos.

With faster shutter speeds to reduce blurry photos, and the convenience of having a camera at all times, it comes at no surprise that more than a quarter of all photos are from a smartphone. With the creation of upcoming photo sharing platforms, and countless apps, it’s evident that the smartphone is here to stay.

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