Evolution of Photo Sharing Platforms

Photo Sharing Platforms are becoming more prevalent with rise in smartphone use. Some of the most popular platforms that are currently being used include: Piscasa, Flickr, and Facebook. Find the right photo sharing platform that fit your needs. 

1. Picasa: 2002

Photo via appstorm

- Google’s take on photo sharing
- For people who want to share and organize personal photos with select people

Cost: 1 GB free with options to upgrade
What you get for that price:
- Can create galleries
- Simple to use
- When you first run Picasa, it asks to search photos in your computer and there is no option to switch this mode off

Primary way to share your photos:
- Email: Viewers must have a Google account


2. Flickr: Feb. 2004

Photo via appstorm

- Yahoo’s version of photo sharing
- Specialize in live stream
- For photographers both pro and amateur

Cost: Free, with options to upgrade
What you get for that price:
- Allows images up to 20MB
- Reports of deleted paid accounts (photos and social metadata)
- Can’t add your own photos to a gallery
- With the free service you are limited to your 200 most recent photos
- Wordy and confusing interface with ads
- Free level has a monthly restriction to 2 videos and 100 MB of pictures

Primary way to share your photos:
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Email
- Set up your own Flickr web address
- Create a group
- Add tags


3. Facebook: Feb. 4, 2004

 For people who want to share photos with other users

Cost: Free
What you get for that price:
-Can upload and categorize into multiple albums

Primary way to share your photos:
- Through various profiles
- Tag other users
- Depends on the privacy settings of the user

4.Wedding Snap: March 2012

-  For engaged couples who want all of their guests photos organized in one collective place

Cost: 3 Packages, starts at $99
What you get for that price:
-Depends on the package

-Features include: live slideshow, unlimited storage for 1 year, instruction cards for guests, option for high resolution photos, multiple albums

Primary way to share:
- One profile
- As long as you have the code and password you can access the photos

  • Lynnette

    Have the app in all our phones. How do I upload multiple photos to the album? One at a time is too time consuming.

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