{Guest Post} 5 Fun Photos to Capture at your Rehearsal Dinner

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The photo taking fun really stretches beyond just the wedding day. In the months of engagement leading up to the wedding, there are plenty of opportunities to snap memories at the proposal, the bridal shower, the bachelor party, gift registering and all the other steps along the way.

One of the very last events before the big day is the rehearsal dinner. This is a fun and intimate time to celebrate with your closest friends and family. Your rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to take some candid shots and group photos. For couples who want to capture every minute of the evening, here are some fun photos to capture at your rehearsal dinner.

1. Uncle Henry Eating Spaghetti

Don’t forget to take a few photos of all the yummy food. This might include group shots of the guests at each table, some foodie pics of the plating or a few funny photos of people happily chewing or wrangling unruly noodles onto their forks. Also make sure to snap the decorations and table settings.

2. The Couple Sneaking a Kiss

Some of the cutest couple photographs are taken without posing or the bride and groom even knowing. Find opportunities to shoot candid moments as the bride-to-be and her fiancé whisper during dinner or steal a peck on the cheek. These shots will capture special moments and the excitement of the entire evening.

3. Having Fun with Props

The rehearsal dinner can be a fun place to set up a small photo booth. A chalkboard, some picture frames and a few paper mustaches can be all the props guests need to go wild and take some hysterical pictures. One set of fun signs to catch the couple holding might be a “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” set. Another clever and memorable idea is to have friends and family write a message or piece of advice on a chalkboard and collect all the pictures into an album at the end. With everyone’s smartphones, you may not even need to set up a camera for the booth. People can take their own pictures and share them.

4. The Bridal Party Opening Presents

One of the fun parts of the night is when the bride and groom present thank you gifts to their bridesmaids and groomsmen. These might be sweet tokens or goofy mementos. Capture the bridal party’s reactions as they respond to the couple’s unique ideas for groomsmen gifts and bridesmaids presents. Afterwards, gather the whole bridal party together for a great group picture.

5.  The Couple’s Faces During Toasts

Finally, make sure to have your phones and cameras ready during the toasts. The rehearsal dinner is often an opportunity for the in-laws to thank one anther or make special comments to the bride and groom. Have your lens pointed towards the speakers as well as the couple as they laugh, blush or wipe tears during the short speeches.

With these moments in mind, you are sure to catch some incredible shots during the rehearsal celebration. These are just 5 fun photos to capture at your rehearsal dinner, but there are so many photos you will want to make sure you get on camera.

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