4 of our Favorite Articles On How to Become a Better DJ

  1. How to improve your live sets performances- Michael Walsh does an overview of 12 ways to improve live DJ performances. He’s a DJ from southern California with a penchant for being awesome. Following these tips and plenty of practice should make you a better DJ.

  2. Habits of Highly Mediocre DJ’s and how to avoid them- Mohamed Kamal is a writer for DJ tech tools(one of our favorite blogs on all things DJ).He describes symptoms of mediocre DJ’s and exactly how to avoid them. By simply avoiding these things, you’re putting yourself on a trajectory to become a much better DJ. Some of these are implementable in a short amount of time, and some take longer.

  3. 5 tips on what makes a good DJ. The Stafford Brothers site is for learning how to be a master DJ. There’s no substitute for practice, but these guys offer up some executable ways to perfect your DJ-ing. They also offer a DJ mastercourse too. We like this one too from the same Brothers. It mentions the importance of the opening song as a DJ and why choosing the right song will make you a better DJ in the eyes of the viewers and attendees.

  4. Mixing a Flawless DJ Set - This one talks about more specifics and provides solid examples. Mixing a flawless set is a habit of Better than average DJ’s.

Lastly, be sure to subscribe to the DJ subreddit. Http://reddit.com/r/djs is one of the best resources for learning more from other DJ’s.

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