Featured Wedding of the Week: Caroline & Justin


Remember that absolutely amazing offbeat Chicken Limo we featured on Wednesday? Well this couple’s story is just as fun and offbeat…and frankly, we love it. They are crazy funny and their wedding had so many memorable moments. Caroline and Justin having only lived blocks away from each other didn’t meet right away, but when they did, it was the beginning of a story that would lead to this memorable wedding last April.

So, how did it all begin? Eharmony! Becoming better acquainted with one another, it just so happened that Caroline and Justin worked 3 blocks away from each other, had mutual friends, and both swam in school for colleges that were only an hour apart. They almost even ended up attending the same college!

But, what we found funniest was how their first date started. Justin went to pick Caroline up at her office and he arrived with all of her co-workers watching from the windows trying to get a glimpse of this “mystery man”. He decided he would be a gentleman by opening the car door upon her arrival, but he was met with surprise. How did Caroline react? As Justin began to step out of the car, Caroline was jogging towards him yelling, “Get back in the car!” with all of her friends watching. Justin went on to tell us, “I don’t know what was funnier – her hair streaming behind her as she was yelling at me or her mortification about how she started our first date.” Now, that is a story to remember and just one of the many that are to come!




Most memorable part of the wedding? Aside from a trashcan catching fire immediately preceding the ceremony that had to be put out by my best man using water from the canal. The hands-down most memorable part of the wedding was the choreographed, multi-generational sing-along to Meatloaf’s Paradise (By the Dashboard Light) using salt-and-pepper shakers as microphones. Our DJ told us he’d never seen a dance floor fill up so quickly.” - Justin

All the other details:

Dress: Vera Wang

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

The Suits: Calvin Klein

Makeup: Seryn Reid

Catering: The Indianapolis Hilton

Favors: Donation to the Indianapolis Humane Society

Flowers: Royal Creations

Music:  Jesse Carruthers/JC Disc Jockey

Photography: The Pros/Robert Parsons

Wedding Consultant/Planner: Justin and Caroline

Thoughts about Wedding Snap?

“My aunt let us know about Wedding Snap and, after I did some research, I decided the price was completely reasonable, particularly since we had in excess of 200 guests. I’m not sure I’ve seen all of the wedding snap photos, still, a month later, but wow. What a great idea, both in terms of cost-effective candid photo capture and making sure that it’s easy to share the memories among all the attendees. “ - Justin

You can see the rest of their featured wedding on our website here!

What would your offbeat detail be? Check back next Wednesday for a glimpse of next Friday’s Featured Wedding of the Week!



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