7 Ways to Use Mason Jars for Your Wedding

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Happy Monday! Everyone loves mason jars because of how versatile (and affordable) they can be. While mason jars are intended to be meant for canning and preserving food, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative to incorporate them into your wedding. We’ve seen everything from glittered jars to simple jars with just a matching ribbon for their wedding theme. And we love them every single way. Here at Wedding Snap, we came up with 7 of our favorite ways to incorporate mason jars into your big day.

mason jar glasses

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1) Drinking glasses for your guests.

Feel free to personalize your mason jars with ribbons, name tags, twine, or whatever you think best fits you. You can even double the jars as “escort cards” and put the table numbers on the jars. But we think adding that personal touch makes a world of a difference when placing mason jars out on your wedding day. We also suggest making a sign letting your guests know they’re drinking glasses! It’s cute and it’ll sort out any possible confusion for those used to the wine glasses at the table.

mason jar lantern


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mason jar lanterns

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2) DIY Lanterns

Add candles or even LED string lights in the jars to have your mason jars glow at night. Place lace around the jars for a nice effect and make them even prettier the night of your wedding.


mason jar pink flower

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mason jars peonies

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3) Vases for your floral centerpieces.

Quart-sized mason jars work perfect for a vase for your wedding floral centerpiece. Whether it is one jar or 6 jars placed together, these make an adorable centerpiece. Peonies are the trending flower of the summer - perfect for summer weddings. Think about tying burlap and ribbon around your mason jars and filling them with peonies. You don’t need to be a master florist and it’s really pretty. HINT The blue-tined mason jars are adorable with a bunch of peonies for that subtle contrast.

mason jar succulent 2

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mason jar succulents


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4) Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Place your favorite plants (i.e. rosemary, succulents, etc) in mason jars and they act as eco-friendly wedding favors. Guests can take them home and replant them in the garden or keep them as a cute addition to the house.

mason decor

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5) General Wedding Decor

One of our favorite ideas is to simply submerge one flower under water in each mason jar and hang them from trees if you’re having a garden or outdoor wedding. You can even use them place in the aisle for an affordable means of decorating your aisle.

candy bar mason

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6) Use them to Create a Candy Bar and Fill them with Sweets.

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Use mason jars and fill them with lollipops and chocolate for the perfect candy bar that people can visit anytime during the wedding.

mason jar frame {Photo Credit: The Craft Lab}

7) Photo Frame

Place your favorite photos in mason jars and use them as wedding decor. This gives them more of a vintage and homey feel, so we think this is a super easy and cute way to showcase your memories on your big day.

There are so many different ways to use mason jars and we love all of them equally. They are so easy to customize and on the affordable side, so perfect to save a few dollars in your wedding budget. What’s your favorite mason jar wedding idea?


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