Gain Clarity With These Wedding Idea Apps

By: Michelle Tang

Wedding Ideas And Inspiration Apps

Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming. But before any planning can begin, a clear vision is needed. With so many choices and styles, it’s easy to  stray from your original vision; and many end up falling prey to collecting an assortment of random knickkacks. So avoid the difficulty of trying to incorporate items, and keep it consistent with these wedding idea apps.

5.) Brides WEDDING GENIUS (Version 2.0)

For those still deciding on the destination, venue, or dress, the BRIDES Wedding Genius app gives couples a great way to peruse through countless wedding ideas and possibilities and link you to the individual website of each item if you’re interested. Browse through numerous gowns and jewelry pieces depending on your preferences or budget. The vibrant pictures provide inspiration to help you find your vision. For $2.99, it can be upgraded to the BRIDES Digital Wedding Binder to provide tips from the BRIDES experts, receive reminders, and assign responsibilities to others. When using the website,, it can be synced with the wedding app to act as your own virtual planner.

UPDATE: (4/27/12) Launch of Version 3.0 with a redesign of the app now including a tab for searching local vendors and a direct tab to link to sponsors.











Pros: Gorgeous, clear images with readily accessible links to immediately find information on venues or dresses. Comprehensive selection of bridal gowns, jewelry, and destinations to access.

Cons: Runs a little slow and known to crash for numerous users of this app.

Cost: Free

Average Rating: (257 Reviews) 2.5/5 stars

The Bottom Line: Brides WEDDING GENIUS is a good wedding app to get a little bit of inspiration or information from if you’re searching for dresses, jewelry, or a location for your wedding. It provides a wide variety with full size photos, but the app can run slow at times with the occasional crashing.

4.) WeddingScan

Already set the date and working on the last touches of your wedding? This fantastic wedding app serves as your personal registry and can help you organize your scanned products into the appropriate room of your future home! WeddingScan is equipped to work at any store or simply take a photo of the item your heart desires and add a brief description. With numerous tools, such as email and Facebook, you can invite your friends and family to access the registry, so they are constantly up-to-date on the needs of the couple-to-be!











Pros: Allows guests to choose items from a variety of stores, rather than creating a registry at a single store. Notifications for when items are purchased.

Cons: Unable to edit the registry on the website.

Cost: Free

Average Rating: (7 Reviews) 3.5/5 stars

The Bottom Line: While this wedding app may not have many ratings, it accomplishes its task. It allows the couple to not have to be confined to one store in making a registry and if something doesn’t have a bar code or scan properly, there is the option to save a picture with an appropriate caption. It is very user friendly and very easy to share any information with your friends and family.

3.) Bride Guide (Version 1.1)

While it may cost $4.99 to have this app, it is a great source of information to help the brides that may be overloaded with all of the options to choose from and decisions to make. Besides the typical wedding planning app features a budget calculator, countdown, and to-do list, there is a breakdown of the parts involved in the planning process. The planner tab of the wedding app has tips for every wedding detail, including the groom, transportation, honeymoon, and many other topics of interest.











Pros: Great database for tips for every part of the wedding. Comprehensive to-do list that can be adjusted and a detailed budget calculator.

Cons: A few kinks to work out as it often crashes when switching from the vendors to the contact list.

Cost: $4.99

Average Rating: (189 Reviews) 4/5 stars

The Bottom Line: It is a great resource for brides that may need a little advice in planning their weddings. It has tips for the planning from beginning to end and the to-do list is comprehensive, broken down by every month leading up to the wedding day.

2.) Weddinggawker (Version 1.1)

Still unsure of how you imagine your wedding exactly and need a bit of inspiration? It is the Pinterest for weddings and place to browse through hundreds of pictures to get wedding ideas for everything ranging from the wedding accessories to the venue itself. Whether you are thinking about a vintage, outdoorsy wedding, or a sleek, modern minimalist wedding, there are pictures to make these ideas much more tangible your very own wedding. Nothing specific in mind? Shake the device to randomize the thumbnail photo screen. Anything that inspires you? Favorite it. And if you want to read about more wedding ideas, find weddinggawker online through their app.











Pros: This wedding picture app is really a great way to put your thoughts into images. From the images, you can be brought to a variety of links to put it all together! Share your favorites with friends via Tumblr, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter or sync them with the website.

Cons: Looking through thousands of photos can be a bit overwhelming to try and put together a wedding idea.

Cost: Free

Average Rating: (25 Reviews) 4/5 stars

The Bottom Line: This is a wedding photo app meant to inspire. It is “eye-candy” for wedding enthusiasts. For those who do not have a completely formed idea of how they imagine their “big day” to be or for those who simply want a few new ideas, this is a extremely useful resource to casually browse through thousands of photos that are constantly updated. If you see something you might want to remember, favorite it. But, if it’s just not for you, scroll down. It doesn’t require you to fill out pages of registration information, making it a great place to begin.

1.) Wedding Snap (Version 1.2)

This is the new disposable camera of the 21st century. What better way to save all the memories of your wedding than to compile all of the best moments from the ones you trust and love the most. While you may be dancing the night away, you may miss the funny wedding moments happening at Table #10 or maybe, while you are greeting a few guests, you missed Grandma strutting it on the dance floor. The Wedding Snap app allows you to seamlessly upload all of your guests photos into a single album so you are not left searching for photos weeks or even months after the wedding. Wedding Snap also offers a number of services, such as photo retouching and live slideshows at your event, at an additional cost.











Pros: Clean and simple interface to navigate. Very user friendly and immediately gathers photos. Can also be uploaded from digital cameras.

Cons: Does not provide an option to manually edit photos on the app. Access to services itself is not free.

Cost: Free (To receive an album code, see packages for pricing*)

Average Rating: (15 Reviews) 4.5/5 stars

The Bottom Line: For all of the hassle compiling pictures can become, Wedding Snap offers an amazing, cost-effective way to complement your professional photographer on the day of your big event. There are few photo sharing apps like it and sets itself apart by focusing less on the planning aspect of wedding process. It is extremely user-friendly and it successfully accomplishes what it is meant to do: capture memories. Welcoming the flood of guests or trying to enjoy the event that you have created, you often miss the funny moments going on along the sidelines. This app is a great way to let your guests become more involved in the event and can help prevent the couple from ever having to suffer from the headache that a photo scavenger hunt can create. With the additional services, it becomes much more than just an app and is really a great aspect to include in your wedding.


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