Eversnap is the simplest way to capture all your wedding memories in one place.

Signup & create your album

Sign up for a package and create multiple albums. Every album has a unique album code that you choose, so guests can pick which albums they want to upload pictures to.

Tell your guests

You will receive 200 FREE customized business cards with instructions for your guests on how to download the app and where to upload their digital camera photos. Many couples include these cards in their invitation cards.

Send by Facebook or Email

You can also tell your friends by sending them a Facebook message or email.

Include on your website

You can also include this information on your wedding website.

Your guests download the iPhone and Android App

Our popular iPhone and Android app is dead simple to use for all your guests. The application works without connection and guests can choose between various photo filters (coming soon).

Capture photos and
videos (NEW!)

Our popular iPhone and Android apps makes it simple for guests to capture every moment on your special day, and now, our mobile apps allows guests to capture precious moments on video and store them in albums.

7 Photo Filters (coming soon)

Guests can choose between various photo filters such as 'Vignette' and 'Antique' after they've taken photos to make them even more unique.

Works without connection

Capture memories in remote places or in areas with poor signal.

Simple from the start

After guests download the app, all they have to do is enter the album code and start taking photos.

Text 'snap' to 415-659-9877 to download the app for free!

View, edit, share your photos on your beautiful online albums

Download all the photos

In every album you can download your photos and videos onto your computer with just one click.


You can print all your favourite photos in one click!

Likes and comments

Like, comment, and share your photos directly to Facebook to share your big day with friends and family.

Manage your photos

You can move, delete and download all your photos

Amazing customer support

Our amazing customer support team is here to help you in any way we can. Call us at 1-888-613-7627 or shoot us an email at [email protected].

Bonus: Live moderated slideshow

Live slideshows enables you and your guests to see all the memories taken by your guests through a projector or on a large screen. One by one, each picture will be projected on the screen and then smoothly transition to the next photo.

Ask your venue or DJ for the projector. Eversnap will virtually moderate all the photos for 6 hours during your slideshow to ensure that all the photos shown on the screen are appropriate. Click here to see a demo of the live moderated slideshow.