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Ever wonder what it was like to work at Facebook when it was just 10 people?

Since our launch 6 months ago, we have captured more than 500,000 memories in over 2000 weddings and events, 35 counties around the world and 1000 cities in the U.S.. Last week a grandma of one of our customers called me and she was so joyful that she was able to see all her grand-daughter’s wedding photos in one album, while the wedding was in England.

Eversnap capture all the most precious memories from people’s most precious landmark events, weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, family reunions, company Christmas parties, and the list goes on. As a 500 startups company, you have access to learn from the best and brightest engineers and companies within 500’s portfolio. Join us and help us build the biggest and greatest event-based photo and video sharing platform online.

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Open position: iPhone Developer

Job responsibilities

  • Implement the WOW mobile experience that each guest would love to live during our events
  • Create and maintain a very efficient and extendible code base used by different applications
  • Being able to reach final users, gather feedback, understand patterns and iterate on them
  • Analyze usage patterns, funnels and economic metrics to produce the perfect product for all of our users.

Key requirements

  • Experience shipping one or more Objective-C native iOS apps, ideally currently available on the App Store
  • Being proactive in decision making
  • Strong CS fundamentals gained through Bachelor’s degree in CS, Math or related discipline or equivalent industry experience
  • Ability to work in areas outside of their usual comfort zone and get things done quickly
  • Experience with rest services and API

Bonus criteria

  • Experience in managing pictures and video from camera and Web
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with Unit Testing in iOS
  • Experience with A/B testing in iOS

Open position: Django Master

Job responsibilities

  • Build the massive infrastructure that power thousands of events worldwide - Collect, manage, improve and connects thousands of memories
  • Translate business needs into well-defined and flexible scoped functionality - Define and implement viral strategies to spread memories
  • Build a platform that support international languages and payments
  • Unit test and continuously integration is your daily bread
  • Implement new functionalities and improve the existing ones keeping the infrastructure flexible and easily extendible

Bonus Criteria

  • Scripting experience for automation of tasks.
  • Previous experience with python image manipulation library
  • Created or joined open source projects
  • You consider yourself exceptional respect the rest of the 99.9% of the population because...
  • you are not scared of managing a lot of data.

Key requirements

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience/skills
  • 3 years of experience with Django and python programming
  • Unix knowledge, automation script tools and automated testing/deployment - An entrepreneurial attitude that gets high-quality projects done quickly.
  • Being proactive in decision making
  • Knowledge and previous experience with amazon cloud services
  • Positive person and willing to take risk and solve challenging problems

Open position: Front End Rockstar

Job responsibilities

  • Design, implement and A/B test the Web experience of Eversnap, you will be in charge of leading the design department
  • Design and implement the full experience around Eversnap, mobile, web and offline.
  • You will define the perfect UI according to industry standard and personal taste
  • You will define the best UX for our target users, creating engagement and value
  • Use or build reusable CSS/JS frameworks to simplify development

Key requirements

  • Exceptional proficiency using HTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX in a production development
  • Being proactive in decision making
  • Feedback lover, ask proactively for feedback from our target users
  • Knowledge of javascript libraries, jQuery style
  • Demonstrated design taste and sense of humor

Bonus criteria

  • Experience using MVC framework in a production environment particularly with Django - Experience with user Interviews and iterations
  • Experience in prototyping for web and mobile
  • Experience in Graphic Design

To apply or to get more info email [email protected]